Spring 2019 – Session 5

April 7–May 19 (6 weeks)

The Gospel of Mark: Study, meditation and prayer (Ministry House)

Jim Wilhoit, Andy LePeau

In this class we’ll look at several key episodes in Mark through inductive Bible Study (working at tables to mark the text and discuss what we’ve found). Then as a class we’ll meditate on the story we just studied, and finally we’ll pray through the passage. The class is an experiment in providing an opportunity for us to wrestle with the text and interact with it in a very personal way as well.

Andy Le Peau is a founding elder of Immanuel and was for many years the editorial director at InterVarsity Press. He still writes and edits, most recently publishing Mark Through Old Testament Eyes. But he is best known as Phyllis’s trophy husband.

Jim Wilhoit began attending Immanuel on George's first Sunday. Jim is best known for being married to the chair of the Social Team. In May he will retire from Wheaton College where he has taught for thirty-eight years.

Agreeing to disagree: Christianity and other religions on dialogue (Sanctuary)

Kent Richter

Studying the ideas and practices of other religions, we can look at how they share elements with Christian belief and practice while also clarifying differences that make for important disagreements. We can study Hinduism, different kinds of Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism, as well as other religions that interest you. Hopefully, we can take the ideas and implications of other religions seriously for their philosophical and moral implications, while we understand the uniqueness and necessity of Christian faith.

Kent Richter is Professor of Philosophy and World Religions at the College of DuPage for 26 years, regular attender at IPC for just as long. Been busy in choir and committees here and there, but mostly these days with the Food Pantry, being married to Renee, pantry coordinator.

Adult Education Audio

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