Winter 2019 – Session 3

January 6–February 10 (5 weeks)

how the book of job does and doesn’t comfort us (Ministry House)

Ron Haydon, Andy LePeau

Job offers a unique perspective on suffering, confusion, and those parts of a relationship with God we often leave unspoken. We suffer, and we lose those we love. This book will make for a provocative study of humanity and what happens when we have not answers, but only questions.

Ron Haydon is an instructor in Old Testament at Wheaton College. He is married to Julie and has a nine-year-old son named Graham. He and his family have been attending Immanuel for nearly ten years.

Andy Le Peau is a founding elder of Immanuel and was for many years the editorial director at InterVarsity Press. He still writes and edits, most recently publishing Mark Through Old Testament Eyes. But he is best known as Phyllis’s trophy husband.

Christians in Science: Conversations about faith and practice (Sanctuary)

Becky Eggimann, moderator

Curious about science and Christianity? Join us for a wide-ranging conversation about science, the Bible, and faithfulness. Whether we are practitioners or merely consumers, science and the products of science permeate all of our lives. In this topical series, we invite Christians working professionally in the sciences to share about their faith, their work, and how it all connects. As we go, we’ll tackle important controversial issues but also consider how science impacts us and affects our ability to know, love, and serve Jesus. Bring your questions! There will be time for Q&A with the speakers each week.

Becky Eggimann is an associate professor of chemistry at Wheaton College and also serves as department chair. She teaches biochemistry (the way our bodies turn food into energy and new molecules that enable us to live) and uses computer simulations to study how water behaves at interfaces (the very thin line between liquid water and air, as one example). She’s been at Immanuel since 2015 and has long had an interest in the connections between Christianity and chemistry.

El Evangelio de Juan, parte 2 (Ministry House, upstairs)

El Evangelio de Juan ha enriquecido la vida de los cristianos y cristianas a través de los siglos. Por ello, aquí proveemos una introducción a las secciones mayores y las temas y figuras más prominentes de cada capitulo. Reflexionaremos sobre las implicaciones del mensaje de este Evangelio para nuestra vida personal y comunitaria.

For this introduction to the Gospel of John in Spanish, we welcome those with even a basic knowledge of the language to join us. We will read together the text, paying attention to the main characters and theological themes. We will also discuss some implications of the message of the Gospel to contemporary life.

Carlos Sosa Siliezar was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America, and currently teaches New Testament at Wheaton College. He and his wife, Gaby, are recent new members of Immanuel. They have two sons, Scott and Daniel.

Adult Education Audio

Audio recordings of Adult Education classes can be found on the Members page, under the About Us tab on the top menu.

Winter/Spring 2019 – Session 4

February 17–March 31 (6 weeks)

Hollywood’s Answers to Our Deep Questions (Ministry House)

Rev. John Schuurman

Rejoicing in the Holy Spirit (Sanctuary)

Gary and Cathy Deddo

Spring 2019 – Session 5

April 7–May 19 (6 weeks)

The Gospel of Mark: Study, Meditation, and Prayer (Ministry House)

Jim Wilhoit and Andy Le Peau

Agreeing to Disagree: Christianity and Other Religions in Dialogue (Sanctuary)

Kent Richter